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June 2016

Work and Long Term Travel the Globe

How the Brexit will affect YOUR travels!

Feeling  a little deflated over here at livein10countries as I take on this Brexit travel experiences blog. The EU has been a cornerstone of my dream to experience life in new countries, and as a Brit, I now have to accept the evolution of that dream. Still it’s not all doom and gloom- here’s the takeaway from the vote results- good and bad! Cheap budget airlines in limbo Leaving the EU has removed the ‘open skies’ policy that allowed these airlines to roam freely  ...

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101 Wild Bucketlist Items Before You Die

10 Bucket List Faves You Must Tick-Off This Year!

Over a decade ago someone gave me a little book called the 101 Things To Do Before You Die by Richard Horne. Actually, life has never been the same since. Here are a few top picks of the adventures that book has inspired… Take Part in a Flashmob- Barcelona El Mons Festival, 2012. Think Bollywood and hope like hell you remember the steps. Soar Above in a Hot Air Balloon- Czech Republic, 2016 Touch a Glacier- before they melt- Iceland, 2014 Leave Your Mark in (legal) Graffiti- the  ...

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