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Country #8 Australia, Work and Long Term Travel the Globe

Undiscovered Jobs Even You Could Snag as a Backpacker- Little Known Backpacker Jobs

I have probably read more posts about finding travel jobs than you’ve devoured hot dinners, because I’ve been Googling ‘how to live and work abroad‘ since the millennium. Many of them are amazing, but many also don’t attempt to give any leads for how to actually grab the jobs, and few have unusual or little-known backpacker jobs, the ones that can help you avoid the hoardes of competition. That’s where I hope this post could help with some tips on finding  ...

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Wanderlust and Short Term Travel

The World’s Most Unique Airlines

Before you reach for the internet to book your next flight, spare a thought for the bizzare and unusual- if you’re going to travel why wouldn’t you endure that lengthy trip in one of the world’s most unique airlines? I’ve reached out to fellow bloggers for their most crazy, original experiences (the good, the bad and the ugly) in airlines around the planet- so which in your opinion is the world’s most unique airline? #1 Air New Zealand – Cuddle Class As  ...

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Guest Blogs

How to Live in South Korea- Living in Korea as a Foreigner- Moving to Asia and Teaching English

South Korea has become a popular spot for millennials seeking adventure in far away lands- moving to Asia and teaching English is now very common. Finding an English teaching job in Korea can be very lucrative, and requires little in the way of credentials or experience. The pay is decent and the cost of living is VERY low. How low? So low. Your employer will typically pay you in the range of 2.1-2.5 million won a month, and will cover such expenses as airfare to and from Korea, as well as  ...

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