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Work and Travel the Globe

The Best way to see the summer solstice Stonehenge celebrates!

There is one special time of year when you can actually enter the stone circle of Stonehenge, get up close and personal and not be barred by a chain link fence. It’s the summer solstice which this year falls on 21st June 2017 and celebrates the longest day of the year, in gloomy England. It truly is a magnificent spectacle and historic event! Here’s a guide to the best way to see the everything summer solstice Stonehenge offers and get the details on what happens. Read on for  ...

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Wanderlust and Short Term Travel

How to Make the Front Page of a National Newspaper (The Cheeky / Blagging Way)

Are there goals on your bucketlist that seem unachievable? For me, the answer is a resounding ‘yes’. I’ve been playing with the idea of how to make the front page of a national newspaper since my visit to San Marino 4 years ago. A long time ago someone bought me a book of bucketlist goals, and it struck a real cord. I crossed out many of the goals and replaced them with things that personally mattered to me but the challenge stuck, and it’s still something I  ...

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Country #3 Spain, Work and Travel the Globe

How to Make Money While Traveling the World

  Moving to Spain just a few short years ago was a daunting prospect, the country was belly-up with economic trouble and I had a sinking feeling I might not find work. I was pretty scared, wondering how to make money while traveling rather than return home in a cloud of embarassment.  Here are the routes I took to find flexible work, starting in Madrid and Barcelona for 1 year, and then other European countries. One of my biggest pet peeves with these types of posts is the lack of  ...

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Vintage Travels

Vintage Travel Posters- Let’s Inspire Wanderlust!

Time to brighten up those #MundaneMondays with a quick indulgence into some wanderlust: vintage travel posters that just might inspire you to get packing and live abroad. Here’s a roundabout of the most tantalising images I could find, to invoke a little spark into your day. I might be alone in this, but for me, advertising that pre-dates Photoshop is the most powerful. It’s appealing, artistic and- though I make no claims for its realism- inspires wanderlust down to the tips of  ...

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