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A long time ago, I left behind an idyllic English village on a semi-lunatic dream to live in 10 different countries (before I die). Welcome to the live abroad travel blog!

Back when I hit country number 1, Peru, I was too scared to even articulate this wish- but from the perspective of country 8, things look a touch different. Regularly a solo traveller, nothing beats the thrill I get of moving to a new country. I think of this as the ‘live abroad travel blog’.

In order, the countries I have been are here, click the links to read ‘how to’ and expat guides for each location:

#0- The UK just by being born
#1- Peru
#1.5 Bolivia – find out why this is only a ‘half’ by clicking the link.
#2 France
#3 Spain
#4 The Czech Republic via the Erasmus+ Programme
#5 Portugal tutoring English
#6 Iceland working for accommodation
#7 Italy as an au pair
#8 Australia on a Working Holiday Visa then visa extensons and then Partner visas

The best part about my travels is that I have the luxury of living abroad, learning the language and fully immersing in the experience. Far from starting with a millionaire bank balance, I’ve worked and budgeted everywhere I’ve lived. No matter if it meant roughing it in a tent in Iceland or milking goats in Peru, I’ve paid my way everywhere I went. This makes travelling much more enjoyable and makes for one hell of an awesome lifestyle! Who needs tour guides when you a live abroad travel blog?

This blog contains every hint, tip and trick I’ve learnt since the start as well as everything you might need to undertake a similar goal. Feel free to read through my (soon to be) 10 countries, ask questions, and browse the site for information.

The “How to Live in 10 Countries” link is there for people who might have a tiny yearning for living a life similar to mine. “Airport Layovers” is the place to get your wanderlust well and truly flowing and have you clamouring for a truly unique adventure. I surely don’t know everything, but I have experienced and researched plenty over the last few years and I’m sharing it with you. Check back here often for updates on my travels or more ways you can earn money while supporting your travel addiction!

How can you live in 10 different countries? Make sure to follow me and find out!

Thank you to the amazing Lavina for her talented photography skills, this image belongs to @lavinagvegharte, please do not reproduce without permission. Thanks for joining me at the live abroad travel blog!