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Get Paid to Travel the World

Country #6 Iceland, Get Paid to Travel the World

The hidden secret natural hot pool West Iceland is keeping! Bathe in splendour!

The Landbrotalaug natural hot pool (West Iceland) is located in Snaefellsnes, Iceland and is a well kept secret you’ll want to try! Budget tight? I’d never suggest going to Iceland’s Blue Lagoon close to Reykjavik if you’re going beyond the capital and exploring the island. Lake Myvatn’s nature baths have an extremely similar crystal blue lake of thermal pools that is heated and has all the same spa facilities. But it’s 3800 ISK instead of 5.400 ISK (base  ...

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Country #7 Italy, Get Paid to Travel the World, Work and Travel the Globe

How to Get to San Marino- Plus the Rimini San Marino Bus Timetable

It’s tiny, it’s interesting, it is one of the smallest nations on the planet- but it’s a mystery how to get to San Marino from Rimini! This petite country landlocked within Italy’s borders is stunning and formed around 3 gorgeous fortress cities in the Apennine mountains, you won’t want to miss it. I know your first question is probably: where is San Marino? The answer is: a nation in central Italy, east of Florence. The San Marino capital is handily also named  ...

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Get Paid to Travel the World, Work and Travel the Globe

The Wanderlust Tag: How can I afford to travel? How to Live Abroad

Where are you now? I’m Danni from 10 different countries- or that’s the dream! Actually, I’m currently in country number 8 (Australia), but I swear I will get to the finish line. I’ve been travelling for over a decade now, it doesn’t feel like that long! When will you stop travelling? You might think there was a definite end in mind, but 10 is just a number and my heart longs to keep on travelling after that is done. Don’t tell my long-suffering mum  ...

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Country #4 The Czech Republic, Get Paid to Travel the World, How to Live in 10 Countries, Work and Travel the Globe

Want to Spend a Year in Europe All Expenses Paid? Here’s How!*

* OK, for this to work this free year in Europe to work you’ll need to be a European Citizen and under 30. All good? Keep reading! A few summers ago I rocked up in a tiny town on the border between the Czech Republic (in central Europe) and Poland. Life in the Czech Republic looked a little something like this….   I spent a year working with children for the European Union and was technically deemed a volunteer.   Like anyone else on the programme, I was rewarded for  ...

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