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Country #5 Portugal

Country #5 Portugal, How to Live in 10 Countries

Relocating to Portugal- How to move to Portugal

The Concise Expat Guide on Relocating to Portugal Key questions to ask yourself are: How much is the cost of living in Portugal? Will I be able to find  a job in Portugal? And, how can I find rent a place in Portugal? I made the big move just a few years ago, and here’s what I wish I’d known before I relocated to Lisbon. You need to know exactly how to move to Portugal and what life as an expat in Portugal will truly look like.   Relocating to Portugal: Residency Paperwork  ...

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Country #1 Peru, Country #5 Portugal, Country #8 Australia, Work and Travel the Globe

A Handful of Life-Saving Luggage Hacks for Travellers

Not every travel hack on the internet is a sound bet, my friend. I have in mind a recent post I read suggesting I carry bags of spices and cooking powders in clear baggies in my hand luggage. That seems like it might create some issues at customs, arguably! Below are my tried and true tips that have seen me through living in 8 countries. I guarantee these are legit! Packing cubes If you aren’t yet using these babies your jaw will drop at their space-saving ability. I packed for a  ...

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