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August 2017

Wanderlust and Short Term Travel

I Planned My Vacations Around Sabrina The Teenage Witch Movies & Here’s What Happened

Like any good TV addict, I grew up with the adventures of Melissa Joan Hart’s perky yet down-to-earth portrayal of Sabrina Spellman, a teen witch juggling boys, a talking cat and a lot of magical mayhem alongside high school. A great part of my Brit childhood was spent lusting after her room in a pinnacled tower with incredible bow windows (see below for the real thing). Oh, and also that talking cat, and some pretty cool aunts in place of real (boring) parents. Having found myself in  ...

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Country #8 Australia, Work and Long Term Travel the Globe

Australian Partner Visa Online Tips for Success- Free Printables for Nailing It

Getting started with the Australian Partner Visa: Having been there, done that and got the t-shirt in lovely Victoria, I thought I’d help any other unmarried partner visa applicants with my experience of the Australian partner visa online application. Also, can you tell I was excited to get to Uluru? Here’s something very important to think about. Are you a couple with 1 half in Australia and 1 half in another country? If you apply for the visa from abroad, you will not be able  ...

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