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July 2017

Wanderlust and Short Term Travel

How to book a bargain cheap Antarctica cruise- and save 1000s

Here are my very best budget Antarctica tips, in hopes of saving as much as you possibly can on the experience of a lifetime! Those Antarctica tours are not cheap! Many dream about it, few have done it. I recently booked for the coming season and saved over $7000 off the listed price of travel to Antarctica and $3000 off even the best group trips I could find. Let’s save some money on an Antarctica cruise! The average listed price for a cruise to Antarctica is now up to $12,000 with  ...

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Social Media Experiments: 30 Days on....

How to Increase Traffic with StumbleUpon?: Experimenting with 30 Days on StumbleUpon

Saddle up for a month of StumbleUpon – what worked, what was a disaster and what results are achievable? Being real, as a travel blogger, time is shorter than ¬†Britney’s hair circa 2007, so it’s crucial to know what to invest your efforts in to, and what to quietly ignore. So what can StumbleUpon really do for you? I’m looking at¬†how to increase traffic with StumbleUpon and how difficult it is. So errr…. what is it? StumbleUpon to me is a browser that flicks  ...

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