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May 2017

Wanderlust and Short Term Travel

How to Make the Front Page of a National Newspaper (The Cheeky / Blagging Way)

Are there goals on your bucketlist that seem unachievable? For me, the answer is a resounding ‘yes’. I’ve been playing with the idea of how to make the front page of a national newspaper since my visit to San Marino 4 years ago. A long time ago someone bought me a book of bucketlist goals, and it struck a real cord. I crossed out many of the goals and replaced them with things that personally mattered to me but the challenge stuck, and it’s still something I  ...

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Country #7 Italy, Work and Travel the Globe

How to see an active volcano- You could see lava and live to tell the tale!

The idea of seeing an active volcano may be a vaguely crazy bucketlist goal, but don’t you find it tempting? I chose to visit Stromboli, as it’s an active volcano close to Sicily, just off the coast of Italy, that tourists regularly enjoy, and return unharmed. You also don’t need much in the way of ninja skills- it’s easily accessed by short cruises and surrounded by gorgeous islands. Your visit to Stromboli might even feature an incredible display of nature.  ...

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Country #5 Portugal, How to Live in 10 Countries

Relocating to Portugal- How to move to Portugal

The Concise Expat Guide on Relocating to Portugal Key questions to ask yourself are: How much is the cost of living in Portugal? Will I be able to find  a job in Portugal? And, how can I find rent a place in Portugal? I made the big move just a few years ago, and here’s what I wish I’d known before I relocated to Lisbon. You need to know exactly how to move to Portugal and what life as an expat in Portugal will truly look like.   Relocating to Portugal: Residency Paperwork  ...

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