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April 2017

101 Wild Bucketlist Items Before You Die

The hidden secret natural hot pool West Iceland is keeping! Bathe in splendour!

The Landbrotalaug natural hot pool (West Iceland) is located in Snaefellsnes, Iceland and is a well kept secret you’ll want to try! Budget tight? Although Iceland’s Blue Lagoon close to Reykjavik is beautiful, if you’re going beyond the capital and exploring the island, Lake Myvatn’s nature baths have an extremely similar crystal blue lake of thermal pools that is heated and has all the same spa facilities. But Myvatn’s baths are 3800 ISK instead of 5.400 ISK  ...

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Country #8 Australia, Work and Long Term Travel the Globe

Undiscovered Jobs Even You Could Snag as a Backpacker- Little Known Backpacker Jobs

I have probably read more posts about finding travel jobs than you’ve devoured hot dinners, because I’ve been Googling ‘how to live and work abroad‘ since the millennium. Many of them are amazing, but many also don’t attempt to give any leads for how to actually grab the jobs, and few have unusual or little-known backpacker jobs, the ones that can help you avoid the hoardes of competition. That’s where I hope this post could help with some tips on finding  ...

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Social Media Experiments: 30 Days on....

0-30 days on Flipboard- What did I do and what worked? Social Media Experiment Series

Flipboard is a bit of a newcomer to the social mediaverse, so a lot of people (yours truly included) don’t really know how to use it. At the same time, I’ve heard it is a key driver of traffic and all important page views on your site or blog. So I figured I’d be the guinea pig and do an experiement see what 30 days on Flipboard could do for my blog and really answer the question: can Flipboard drive traffic to my site? Here’s what I learnt in my 30 days and  ...

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