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February 2017

Guest Blogs

How to Study Abroad in Florence- Study Abroad in Italy Tips- Guest Post

Where have you lived (other than your home country) and how did you come to be there? Well, I studied abroad for a summer in a small town outside of Florence, Italy, but I don’t really think that counts as I was surrounded by other college students most of the time.  After graduating from college, I took a year off to apply to graduate programs in art history. To differentiate myself from other applicants—and to ensure that I could read all the relevant art historical scholarship—I decided  ...

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Wanderlust and Short Term Travel

5 Breathtaking Things to Do in Barcelona With Only 5 Euros- Broke Backpackers Unite

Almost every traveller has faced the sinking feeling of having far too much month at the end of the money on a somewhat regular basis. If you haven’t, you are a rather unique backpacker, but I’ve got you covered with my breathtaking things to do in Barcelona with 5 euros. During the year I spent in Spain one of the hardest aspects was often paying my way through religious holidays and festivals when work would dry up around me. In these times, I hunted and honed my ability to  ...

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Australia and the Pacific

Where to Find 2nd Year Visa Jobs for Australian Working Holiday Visa Backpackers

The Fine Print for 2nd year visa jobs (Australian working holiday visa holders): So you loved your first year on an Australian Working holiday visa, you drank the goon, avoided the drop bears and loved every minute of it! But now you’re in search of second year visa to extend you work in Australia- and there’s a fair number of hoops to jump through. Here’s what you need: Rural jobs in Australia such as farmwork- work in populated urban areas will not count Paid work for  ...

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