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December 2016

Europe and the EU

How to Make Money While Traveling the World

  Moving to Spain just a few short years ago was a daunting prospect, the country was belly-up with economic trouble and I had a sinking feeling I might not find work. I was pretty scared, wondering how to make money while traveling rather than return home in a cloud of embarassment. ¬†Here are the routes I took to find flexible work, starting in Madrid and Barcelona for 1 year, and then¬†other European countries. One of my biggest pet peeves with these types of posts is the lack of  ...

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Vintage Travels

Vintage Travel Posters- Let’s Inspire Wanderlust!

Time to brighten up those #MundaneMondays with a quick indulgence into some wanderlust: vintage travel posters that just might inspire you to get packing and live abroad. Here’s a roundabout of the most tantalising images I could find, to invoke a little spark into your day. I might be alone in this, but for me, advertising that pre-dates Photoshop is the most powerful. It’s appealing, artistic and- though I make no claims for its realism- inspires wanderlust down to the tips of  ...

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