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September 2016

101 Wild Bucketlist Items Before You Die

10 Unique and Unusual Dining Experiences in Melbourne (Part 2)

Time to dive back into a subject dear to my own heart, 10 unique and unusual dining experiences in Melbourne for 2017, part 2! Why eat and drink surrounded by the mundane when these options are out there? If your taste runs to the eclectic and you’re wondering where to eat in Melbourne, you’re in safe hands. Be sure to check out part 1 of the best unique and unusual dining experiences in Melbourne. #6 Titanic Theatre Restaurant- The Last Supper No.1 Nelson Place, Williamstown,  ...

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Get Paid to Travel the World, Work and Long Term Travel the Globe

The Wanderlust Tag: How can I afford to travel? How to Live Abroad

Where are you now? I’m Danni from 10 different countries- or that’s the dream! Actually, I’m currently in country number 8 (Australia), but I swear I will get to the finish line. I’ve been travelling for over a decade now, it doesn’t feel like that long! When will you stop travelling? You might think there was a definite end in mind, but 10 is just a number and my heart longs to keep on travelling after that is done. Don’t tell my long-suffering mum  ...

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