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July 2016

Country #1.5 Bolivia, How to Live in 10 Countries

How to Live in Bolivia – How to Live on a Dime and See the World

How did I come to live in La Paz, one of the world’s highest cities? Read on to explore how I made this dream a reality, and how easily you could do the same! Of course, finances are crucial in an international move, so we will also be tackling: how much does it cost to move to La Paz (Bolivia)? How can I live in Bolivia? Provided that you’re a lover of travel willing to sacrifice  a few home comforts in exchange for the dream of living abroad, surprisingly easily. Your dollar  ...

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Wanderlust and Vintage Wayfaring

6 Rare Passport Stamps You’ve Never Seen Before

These days a passport stamp in many countries is a frivolity- they’ll have you line up in a queue with the OAPs if you insist on collecting one, while your fellow passengers stream past with their electronic visas and robotic ticket barriers. Here’s my guide to the truly rare passport stamps of the world that are indeed worth the wait. But, my friends, a passport stamp is also a beautiful memorial and a badge of honour. Here are my picks for those you really must grab before you  ...

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Country #1 Peru, Country #5 Portugal, Country #8 Australia, Work and Travel the Globe

A Handful of Life-Saving Luggage Hacks for Travellers

Not every travel hack on the internet is a sound bet, my friend. I have in mind a recent post I read suggesting I carry bags of spices and cooking powders in clear baggies in my hand luggage. That seems like it might create some issues at customs, arguably! Below are my tried and true tips that have seen me through living in 8 countries. I guarantee these are legit! Packing cubes If you aren’t yet using these babies your jaw will drop at their space-saving ability. I packed for a  ...

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