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April 2016

Work and Long Term Travel the Globe

The 3 BIGGEST Safety Tips For Female Hitchhikers

I’m on a bus heading out of central Beijing in December 2015. I’m almost the only foreigner on board as this isn’t a tourist bus and there’s no guide, it’s the much cheaper local way to reach the Great Wall. I’m about to need those safety tips female hitchhikers I’m giving you in this post. About an hour from the Wall, in the middle of nowhere, an official boards the bus and announces, looking straight at me, that the road ahead is closed and  ...

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Vintage Travels

Vintage Curls and Jazz at the Spotted Mallard: Hidden Melbourne Vintage Salons

Pull up a comfy armchair and a cup of cha for a journey into the past at one of Melbourne’s hidden gems. This is one of the best secret things to do in Melbourne. Vintage salons in Melbourne tread a lovely line between the kitsch and the entertaining! The Spotted Mallard is a relaxed venue in Brunswick, earning its place on any traveller’s radar through this stunning pop up vintage salon in chic area of Melbourne and eclectic range of music acts available. While sipping your  ...

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