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February 2016

Australia and the Pacific

The Perfect Travel Job (*Secret*)- Highly Paid Professional Work That Even You Can Get

What’s the job? How can I find the perfect travel job for backpackers? No sweating over a harvest- this is where the real travel work is at! Plus it’s perfect for a temp or working holiday visa as there’s zero commitment. The official title is Academic Support Worker, sometimes called a scribe or an electronic note-taker which sounds fancy, but the work is relatively easy, fun and requires very few formal qualifications-the ideal travel job! What’s involved?  ...

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Work and Long Term Travel the Globe

4 Essential Things to Pack For Work Abroad (Digital Nomad)

The internet is awash with lists of packing essentials and travel hacks for backpackers looking to spend 3 months in a pair of sandals and sleeping in a hammock, but there’s a dearth of information for those looking to truly live abroad long term. Welcome to the essential things to pack for work abroad. When I made the decision to live in a buzzing European capital I knew I wouldn’t be willing to live in a hostel and wash my socks in a sink for the next year- yet I still packed as if I  ...

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Europe and the EU

Work away programs: Secrets to Score Free Bed and Board Across the Globe

If you had all that set up for free and 2 thirds of the day left to do exactly as you please, perhaps even free transport at your destination, how long could you afford to keep travelling? Free bed and board are essentials for any traveller. and the Workaway Program (plus other versions such as HelpX and WWOOFing) can make that a reality! What’s your greatest expense travelling? Somewhere to chuck your head down and meals in your belly! I spent a blissful 2 seasons- the warmer ones  ...

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