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February 2016

Country #4 The Czech Republic, Get Paid to Travel the World, How to Live in 10 Countries, Work and Travel the Globe

Want to Spend a Year in Europe All Expenses Paid? Here’s How!*

* OK, for this to work this free year in Europe to work you’ll need to be a European Citizen and under 30. All good? Keep reading! Love the idea of getting involved and seeing Europe, but can’t manage a year’s commitment? Scroll down for details of short term funded trips for weekend youth seminars and other events. A few summers ago I rocked up in a tiny town on the border between the Czech Republic (in central Europe) and Poland. Life in the Czech Republic looked a  ...

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Country #8 Australia, Get Paid to Travel the World, Work and Travel the Globe

The Perfect Travel Job (*Secret*)- Highly Paid Professional Work That Even You Can Get

What’s the job? How can I find the perfect travel job for backpackers? No sweating over a harvest- this is where the real travel work is at! Plus it’s perfect for a temp or working holiday visa as there’s zero commitment. The official title is Academic Support Worker, sometimes called a scribe or an electronic note-taker which sounds fancy, but the work is relatively easy, fun and requires very few formal qualifications-the ideal travel job! What’s involved?  ...

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Get Paid to Travel the World, Work and Travel the Globe

4 Essential Things to Pack For Work Abroad (Digital Nomad)

The internet is awash with lists of packing essentials and travel hacks for backpackers looking to spend 3 months in a pair of sandals and sleeping in a hammock, but there’s a dearth of information for those looking to truly live abroad long term. Welcome to the essential things to pack for work abroad. When I made the decision to live in a buzzing European capital I knew I wouldn’t be willing to live in a hostel and wash my socks in a sink for the next year- yet I still packed as if I  ...

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